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Questions about the forum? Ask here!

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Questions about the forum? Ask here!

Post by Chancellor of Miator on Wed Nov 23, 2011 12:49 pm

Ever had questions and confusion that you need to clear up? Ask them here?

For starters, I'll explain what the icons you'll see when you're typing a message are!

[B] => That's bold, to bold your words. It'll appear like this: [ b ]words[/ b] (Remove the spaces)

[I] => The italics, to slant your words. It'll appear like this: [ i ]words[/ i]

[U] => Underline. It'll appear like this: [ u ]words[/ u]

[S] => Strikeout. It'll appear like this: [ strike ]words[/ strike]

The icons onwards are align to left, centre, align to right, justify (have your paragraphs neat?), bullets, numbering, line break, quote, code, table, host an image, insert image, insert URL, insert flash, insert video, font size, colour, font and some other stuff. Most of the icons will appear in similar format as the ones above Smile

About Host a Image, when they ask for your email and password just type in the email and password you used to create an account in this forum.

To hotlink an image, use Insert Image

Insert URL are useful in a way they'll replace the URL you'll would normally see with something you typed in a lower bar and the link to the website is still there for people to click. Like this.

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